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About us

Logistics is a love of simplicity and expediency

Our goal

Managing your products, prices, articles is not a problem, but a process that effectively supports your web store.

Our story and history

ILogistic Ltd. was founded in 2006 with the aim of offering its clients a complete form logistics solution.

Initially, our focus was on form logistics, with banks and insurance companies becoming our partners.
Within a short time, iLogistic has become a recognized logistics partner of Hungarian financial institutions.
During the early years, we improved the original American logistics software and process technology, creating a special service capability previously unavailable in Hungary.
A kezdeti évek során továbbfejlesztettük az eredeti amerikai logisztikai szoftvert és az eljárástechnológiát, ezzel egy Magyarországon korábban alig elérhető, speciális szolgáltatási képességet hoztunk létre.
When defining our warehouse logistics system, we use the terms “precision logistics” or “1000 small article logistics”, “mission critical”, which expresses a significant added value that can provide much more than the commonly used “bulk” logistics.
Serving the diverse needs of our customers requires greater flexibility and precision from all market players, so one of the cornerstones of customer satisfaction metrics is the performance of our logistics service provider, our job.
From our start-up, from small businesses to large service providers, companies in a number of industries have been relying on us to provide logistics services for commercial goods, forms, marketing materials and business process support products.

These range from logistics due diligence to full logistics management – assembly, picking, packing, warehousing, shipping, – to analysis, full order management and customer call center operation.

Our business philosophy has not changed, but our practical experience has gained a lot over the last ten years. We strive to develop the value of simplicity, reliability and honest work as we understand the important role we play in expanding our business. The realization of all these goals is based on the precise, flexible, solution-oriented attitude of our colleagues. They create the quality that we owe to our dedicated and satisfied customers. Our team consists of excellent colleagues with a good sense and attitude.

Our portfolio includes warehousing, picking, forwarding, custom parcel shipment and shipping, and many other value-added services.We run our operations seamlessly with the support of an in-house, advanced computing warehouse management program. Our cost-optimized activities – whether parcel delivery or other forwarding services, return handling and minimum stock keeping – save our customers cash first. Finally, time and worries.

Our solutions provide security, wealth and comfort to our customers and their business processes.

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