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Frequently asked Questions

ILogistic is a logistics company, so you are a shipping company?

  • Within logistics, transportation is a subdivision that transfers goods
    from point A to point B. ILogistic primarily provides its services in
    the field of warehouse logistics. Whatever the case, we can help solve
    our partners’ shipping problems within our capabilities..

Do you think iLogistic is leasing warehouse space?

  • Warehouse logistics is really about storing goods, and there are
    companies that specialize in bulk storage. Warehouse logistics offers a
    much broader range of services, such as receipt of goods, delivery of
    goods, picking, unit loading, repackaging, etc. We place more emphasis
    on versatile warehousing services, the safe storage of goods is only
    part of it.

What does precision logistics mean?

  • Precision logistics is the type of activity that distinguishes iLogistic
    from other warehousing companies. In our day-to-day operations, we
    provide our partners with much more than the average service level,
    because they are handled within a strictly regulated process. And while
    other companies handle unopened pallets or unit packages, our smallest
    unit is what our partner determines.

What does the 100% stock guarantee

  • iLogistic operates on a strictly regulated and IT-supported system. We
    know exactly what we are taking from, giving out, keeping in stock. We
    document this in real time, so we are always able to account to our

What if something disappears?

  • From time to time, we hear from the market that goods are “falling offthe truck” at some service providers or that the contents of an open unit package are “evaporated”. Our team consists of permanent, long-standing staff who handle all of our clients’ goods in aresponsible way. Things don’t “get lost” at us.

What if something unexpected happened?

  • We seek to minimize the potential for this by using both technical and human resources. We have adequate insurance for very unexpected events.