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Our warehouse is located in the immediate vicinity of Biatorbágy, next to the M7, M1 and M0 motorways. Good accessibility is an advantage for many of our partners who make a significant part of their procurement from the agglomeration, Budapest or Transdanubia. A good location, in addition to purchasing, also benefits those who have an extensive distribution network and / or own retail space in these parts of the country. We support the security of our warehouse with alarm system, camera system and daytime security. In our warehouse it is also possible to store shelves, pallets and boxes, which are primarily determined by the size of the products and their speed of decline. A state-of-the-art fleet is an essential component of fast freight movement, so we help our colleagues quickly load and unload lorries and store incoming goods with multiple ramps with hydraulic ramp adjusters and forklift trucks. Our service is based on logistics with a significant amount of forwarding and packaging tasks, but you are looking for any storage option with us. Our warehouse will satisfy all your needs to the maximum, providing you with a reliable and convenient solution.